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Historic Home of President William McKinley to be Dedicated in Canton, Ohio

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28 August 2009

Michelle Obama Becomes Honorary Chair of the National First Ladies' Library

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3 August 2009

The National First Ladies Library has lost one of its earliest supporters and honorary chairwoman, Lady Bird Johnson

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13 July 2007

Cyndee Frailly, National First Ladies’ Library Education Director is invited to White House
Ms. Frailly Portrays Dolley Madison for US Mint Coin Unveiling

The White House event marked the debut of the Dolley Madison First Spouse Gold Coin, the fourth coin in the series for 2007. Ms. Frailly was invited by the Mint to do her well known portrayal of Dolley Madison. She was well received by the crowd when, dressed as Dolley Madison, she wove her stories of Dolley and her time at the White House.  Founder Mary Regula, executive director Pat Krider and board member Joyce Murtha attended the event.

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National First Ladies' Library Hosts Unveiling of New Coin Designs
First Spouse Coins Mark United States Mint’s Only Consecutive Coin Series to Feature Women

The news media are invited to glimpse the designs for the Nation’s pure gold collectible 2007 First Spouse Coins at a presentation and reception Tuesday, December 19, 2006 at 10 a.m. at the National First Ladies Library in Canton, Ohio.  The First Spouse Coins mark the first time that the United States Mint has struck a consecutive series of coins featuring women (who are not allegorical figures such as Liberty). This is the first time the designs will be displayed publicly.

The 2007 First Spouse Coins are scheduled to be released in May, around Mothers Day.

Four one-half ounce gold First Spouse Coins will be minted annually, in the order the Spouses served in the White House. These collectible coins will coincide with the release of the four circulating Presidential $1 Coins that will be issued annually.

The 2007 First Spouse Coins include Martha Washington, Abigail Adams and Dolley Madison. Since Thomas Jefferson’s wife died before he took office, a symbolic rendition of Liberty will be featured on the third coin of the series. Bronze medal duplicates of the First Spouse Coins will also be minted.

National First Ladies' Library Loans Dresses to Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
On Mother’s Day, May 14, 2006, The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois opened a new exhibit featuring the United States First Ladies entitled, Mrs. President: From Martha to Laura.  There are fourteen dresses from the National First Ladies' Library’s Collection, including rare dresses such as Elizabeth Munroe and Julia Tyler’s day dresses.  Artifacts of Caroline Harrison, Ellen Wilson, Frances Cleveland and Laura Bush from the NFLL are also on view.  The exhibit will run through October 29, 2006.

NFLL releases new book by renowned First Lady historian Carl Sferrazza Anthony
At the annual Ida Saxton Birthday Party & Open House the NFLL released Part I, Ida Saxton: The Early Life of Mrs. McKinley, of Carl S. Anthony's new biography. Scheduled for publication next spring, this advance copy will be the first section of the biography. This portion of the larger biography covers Ida Saxton as a young lady prior to her marriage to future president William McKinley, including information about her years growing up in Canton, Ohio.  The paperback “booklet” was available for sale at the event for $7.95.   A limited edition, copies may be purchased at the National First Ladies’ gift shop.

Descendents of Ida Saxton McKinley attend special lecture

Carl S. Anthony gave a special presentation the morning of the birthday celebration for area descendents of the Saxton family.   In attendance was  Elizabeth “Bet” Martin,  whose grandmother Mary “Pina” Saxton Barber was the sister of Ida Mckinley. Mrs. Martin, 92, is the last living former resident of the Saxton-McKinley House. Her mother Kate Barber Belden inherited the house from her mother and Ida’s sister, Pina Barber, who inherited it from her mother Kate Dewalt Saxton, who inherited it from her mother, Christiana Harter Dewalt.   Thus, the Saxton-McKinley House may prove to be the only house in America passed down through four generations of women.

Others at the reunion included descendants of Henry and Kate Barber Belden, the last family to live in the house.  “Chick” Belden, and Marshall “Marsh” Belden, Jr. and Mrs. Martin’s daughter and grandson were also in attendance, as well as Canton relatives of the Dewalt line.

Descendents of Ida Saxton McKinley Ida Saxton McKinley Open House & Birthday Party Elizabeth "Bet" Martin views photo taken in the Saxton McKinley House of her as a young girl.