Pride, Passion, and Peace

Pride, Passion, and Peace
Jackie Kennedy: Sports and Popular Culture

Skill: Elementary School
Time Required: two hours


Jacqueline Kennedy was one year old when her mother put her on a horse for the first time.  At the age of eleven, she earned her first national horsemanship championship.  Vicky Moon, in writing of the First Lady’s “private passion,” asserted that riding was a source of pride and accomplishment for Jacqueline Kennedy and a source of peace when faced with challenges in her childhood and adult life.    


In this lesson, students will gain an appreciation for horses and will also practice research and reading skills.

Materials Required:

Access to the Internet, a public library and/or the books listed below.


If students do not have access to the Internet, prior to class print out part, or all, of the following page:

This page contains a crossword puzzle and three fill-in the blank activities on the history of horses and horses in sport.  

If students have access to the Internet, everything necessary for the lesson is available.  If students do not have access to the Internet, the books listed below should be helpful in fulfilling the assignment.

Extending the Lesson:

To extend this lesson, have students watch the movie Black Beauty and have students write a creative story about a horse.

Sources & Resources:

Burt, Don.  Horses and Other Heroes: Recollections of a Life with Horses. Guilford: Lyons Press, 2002.
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History and Horses: 
Student Activities about Horses:  
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This lesson was adapted by Debra L. Clark, Kent State University.