Great States: Exploring Ohio

Great States: Exploring Ohio
Caroline Harrison: First Ladies' Lives

Skill: Elementary School
Time Required: One to two weeks


Caroline Harrison was one of eight First Ladies born in Ohio. Each had a somewhat different background representing Ohio's broad ethnic heritage. 


The purpose of the lesson is to provide students insight into the history of different cultural groups in Ohio during Caroline Harrison’s lifespan (1832-1892).

Materials Required:

Computer Internet access Webquest: Materials to create a tri-fold display mentioned in Webquest.


  1. Students need to be divided into 4 teams. 
  2. Each team will be researching on a different historical culture related to Ohio (Native Americans, Amish, German, and Irish.)
  3. Each student in a team will choose a role: Historian, chef, entertainment coordinator, costume designer, interpreter, and display designer.
  4. Allow students to go to the webquest: and follow directions to research and create a tri-fold display for the ethnic festival.

Extending the Lesson:

  • Students could bring in a type of food that was eaten by the group during that particular time period. 
  • Students could also wear dress from that time period to make it a more lively festival. 

Sources & Resources:


  • Inspiration for this lesson came from a WebQuest located at Peggy Dunn, Jo Arnett, Lynn Bengtson, and Nina Southall
  • This lesson was suggested by Dr. Averil McClelland and developed by Marian Maxfield, Kent State University