Lincoln and the Game of Baseball

Lincoln and the Game of Baseball
Mary Lincoln: Sports and Popular Culture

Skill: Elementary School
Time Required: Two to three class periods

Standards Compliance
NCSS Strand 1
NCSS Strand 3
People, Places, and Environments
NCSS Strand 5
Individuals, Groups, and Institutions
NCTE Standard 1
Students read fiction, nonfiction, classic, and contemporary works to acquire information for various purposes.
NCTE Standard 3
Students apply a wide range of strategies to comprehend, interpret, evaluate, and appreciate texts.
NCTE Standard 5
Students use a wide range of strategies and elements to write to communicate with different audiences and for purposes.
ISTE Standard 3
Technology productivity tools
ISTE Standard 5
Technology research tools


President Lincoln was fond of playing a baseball-like game that was about half-way between Rounders and Cricket.  It's been recorded that he was often found playing with the children on the White House lawn.  Mary Todd also enjoyed watching her husband and children play.


Students will learn one of the two games that were modified to form the game that Lincoln and his children played.  They will also participate in playing the games.

Materials Required:

Internet access. Word processer or writing instruments.


1.  Use the links below to learn the rules of both 'rounders' and 'cricket.' Both games were early versions of the game of baseball.

2.  With the assistance of the school physical education teacher, arrange to play these games on the school grounds.

3.  Ask students to write short pieces on the differences between these games and modern baseball.

Extending the Lesson:

Form rounders or cricket teams in the school; have a tournament.

Sources & Resources:




President Lincoln on playing baseball: 


This lesson was developed by Marion Maxfield, Kent State University.