Global Learning: The Isle of Man

Global Learning: The Isle of Man
Letitia Tyler: Education, Arts, Letters and Ideas

Skill: Elementary School
Time Required: 2-3 class days

Required Documents
British Isle Worksheet


Letitia Tyler was born in the United States in 1790, but her family immigrated to the United States from France and the British Isles. One of her great grandfathers, Thomas Christian, emigrated from the Isle of Man to the new world. The Isle of Man has a unique history and is not a part of the United Kingdom, although it is under the protection of the British government. It does have its own laws, courts, and government. This lesson will focus on the Isle of Man and its unique history and geography.


The students will be able to locate the Isle of Man as well as other political divisions on a map of the United Kingdom; will work together in small groups to accomplish an assigned task; and will create a multimedia presentation on a certain aspect of the Isle of Man.

Materials Required:

Computers with internet access or computer lab; Multimedia projector and screen or interactive board; A multimedia presentation such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote; The British Isles Map Work Sheet


1. The teacher will begin the lesson by showing the class the YouTube Travel video about the Isle of Man located below. The teacher will then lead a brief discussion about what the students saw in the video and discuss things like what activities they saw in the video that they would like to see or do if they visited the Isle. The teacher will then ask the students where they think The Isle of Man is located. Once it has been established that the Isle of Man is located in the British Isles the students will be asked to complete the British Isles Map Work Sheet. They can complete this by using a map from a text book if available or by using the Internet.

2. After the map work sheet is complete the students will be informed that they will study the Isle of Man in more detail. The class will be split into small groups of four. Each group will be assigned a specific aspect of study for the Isle of Man. These will include Government, Economics, History, Geography, People and Living, and Historical Sites.  All the information needed to study these topics can be found on the “Isle of Man Guide” Website located as #2 in the linkable resources section of this lesson plan. Other sites may be used to find additional information.

3. The students will use the information they found to create multimedia presentation that can be presented to the class. This should be done using presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote. The teacher can set up a rubric to assess this project. This can be done easily and free at The URL is listed below under sources and resources. One of the options is for a multimedia project. This way each teacher can set the rubric up to assess whatever elements they deem necessary for the project such as flying text, transitions, background, sound, images etc. If either the students or teacher is not familiar or confident using PowerPoint there is an online tutorial listed as the last URL in the sources and resources section of this lesson plan.

Extending the Lesson:

This could be extended by applying the technology components to any research topic. For example students could make a multimedia presentation about other parts of the UK such as Scotland, Ireland or even be expanded to other European nations.

Sources & Resources:


Visit the Isle of Mann

Isle of Mann Guide


PowerPoint 2007



This lesson was developed by Robert McClelland, Cleveland Metropolitan School District.