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Tyler, Letitia
Great States: Virginia, Mother of Presidents
First Lady Letitia Tyler, wife of the tenth president John Tyler, was born at Cedar Grove Plantation, New Kent County, Virginia. Virginia was the first colony settled by the British at Jamestown in 1607. It was a Virginian, Richard Henry Lee that proposed the resolution for Independence to the Second Continental Congress. It was a Virginian, George Washington, who led the Continental Army in our war for independence and later became the first President of these United States of America. In fact four of the first five presidents were from the state of Virginia. And it is Virginia that has the honor of being the state that has produced the most United States Presidents.
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Tyler, Letitia
Global Learning: The Isle of Man
Letitia Tyler was born in the United States in 1790, but her family immigrated to the United States from France and the British Isles. One of her great grandfathers, Thomas Christian, emigrated from the Isle of Man to the new world. The Isle of Man has a unique history and is not a part of the United Kingdom, although it is under the protection of the British government. It does have its own laws, courts, and government. This lesson will focus on the Isle of Man and its unique history and geography.
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Tyler, Letitia
First Lady's "Firsts"
John Tyler took over the Presidency of the United States when William Henry Harrison died of pneumonia a month into his first term. He was the first Vice President to ascend to the higher office via the death of his predecessor. Unfortunately and ironically, his wife Letitia Tyler also was the first “first lady” to pass away while her husband was president. She died of complications from a second stroke in 1842. Although this is tragic, it is one of the “first” events or accomplishments of the group of presidential spouses known as the “First Ladies.” This lesson will look at some of the other first lady’s “firsts.”
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