New Book on First Ladies Based on C-Span Series


The new book based on the popular C-Span series.

The new book based on the popular C-Span series.


April 14, 2015 marks the publication date of a new book, First Ladies, based on the popular C-Span series which ran during 2013; it is by Susan Swain of C-Span, the popular host of many of the channel’s news and history programs.

Ida McKinley.

Ida McKinley.

The weekly series focused on a different First Lady in separate episodes, several of the shorter Administrations being treated on one episode.

What makes this book unique is that it is an edited transcript of the series discussions with various historians, biographers and journalists.

The series included footage made at the National First Ladies’ Library Saxton-McKinley House during the episode on Ida McKinley.

She will be one of those likely to be discussed in a National Archives panel considering the subject, in connection with the book’s publication, taking place on Thursday evening, April 23.



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