Bibliography: Adams, Abigail
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Uppity Abigail 2008Wilson Quarterly Winter 2008The financial management of Abigail Adams is analyzed in a positive fashion.
Abigail Adams Lee, Sally 2011Edina, Minnesota : Capstone PressFor readers ages 4 and above.
Abigail Adams Wallner, Alexandra 2005New York, New York : Holiday HouseSuitable for readers ages 5 and above.
Abigail AdamsSutcliffe, Jane2006Minneapolis: Lerner PublishingFor readers ages 8-11.
Abigail AdamsMayer, Cassie2007Chicago: Heinemann LibraryFor readers ages 4-6.
Abigail AdamsWheeler, Jill C.2009Edina, MN: ABDO PublishingA brief biography for readers aged 8 to 12.
Abigail AdamsSawyer, Kem Knapp2009New York: DK PublishingBased on, and in some cases reproducing as illustrations, primary sources, this biography offers an extensive introduction to the First Lady for readers aged 12 and above.
* Abigail AdamsWaldrop, Ruth W., and Hurston Holland Hendrix1988Tuscaloosa, AL: Rusk 
Abigail AdamsDavis, Kate2003San Diego: Blackbirch Press 
Abigail AdamsHolberg, Ruth Langland1950Evanston, IL: Row, Peterson and Company 
Abigail AdamsManera, Alexandria2003Minneapolis: Lake Street Publishers 
* Abigail AdamsWhitney, Janet1947Boston: Little, Brown & CompanyA popular biography.
Abigail AdamsOsborne, Angela1989New York: Chelsea House 
* Abigail AdamsLee, Susan, John Lee, and George Ulrich1977Chicago: Childrens Press 
Abigail AdamsBernice, Jane1982Cleveland Heights, OH: Borrower’s Press 
Abigail AdamsWallner, Alexandra2001New York: Scholastic 
* Abigail Adams: A BiographyLevin, Phyllis Lee1987New York: St Martin’s PressLevin's biography is extremely thorough and based on primary sources.
Abigail Adams: A LifeHolton, Woody2009New York: Simon and SchusterA revisionist biography interprets Mrs. Adams as far wiser and more clever in her own time and ways than previous biographers have allowed.
* Abigail Adams: A Revolutionary WomanChing, Jacqueline2002New York: PowerPlus Books 
* Abigail Adams: A Writing LifeGelles, Edith B.2002New York: Routledge 
Abigail Adams: Adviser to a PresidentFradin, Dennis B. and Tom Dunnington1989Hillside, NJ: Enslow PublishersFor grades 3-5.
* Abigail Adams: An American WomanAkers, Charles W.1980Boston: Little, BrownProvides information on Abigail Adams and her public role as First Lady, and how the public and press responded to her.
Abigail Adams: Courageous Patriot and First LadySomervill, Barbara A.2006New York: Compass Point BooksFor ages 9-12.
Abigail Adams: Domesticity and the American RevolutionGelles, Edith B.1978Irvine: University of California Press 
Abigail Adams: Eyewitness to America's BirthOrr, Rachel2009New York: CollinsAn entry in the "Time for Kids Biographies" series which shows how Abigail Adams contributed to the creation of the new nation. For readers ages 6-10.
Abigail Adams: Famous First LadyGlass, Maya2004New York: Rosen Central Primary SourceFor ages 4-8.
Abigail Adams: First LadyHubbard-Brown, Janet2009New York: Chelsea House PublishersFull-life biography of Abigail Adams describes her achievements, joys, and sorrows, and concludes with a consideration of her legacy to the Republic. For readers ages 11-17.
Abigail Adams: First LadyHubbard-Brown, Janet2009New York: Facts on FileA short introduction to the White House career of Abigail Adams.
* Abigail Adams: First Lady and PatriotMcCarthy, Pat2002Berkeley Heights, NJ: EnslowFor ages 9-12.
Abigail Adams: First Lady of the American RevolutionLakin, Patricia, Bob Dacey, and Debra Bandelin2006New York: Aladdin PaperbacksFor children aged 4 through 8; part of the Aladdin "Ready to Read" series.