Ida's Saxton McKinley's Sitting Room and Bedroom

Ida Saxton McKinley's sitting room in the Saxton House was historically replicated from two photos of an original room believed to have been in the McKinley’s North Market Street residence from the year 1902, taken just 8 or 9 months after the president was assassinated.

The marble fireplace is original to the home. The most historically significant article in the room is the picture of the McKinley's firstborn daughter Katie, which hangs above the fireplace.

After the assassination, Ida created her own personal shrine to the fallen president -- which included three vases of roses, a bronze bust, and a picture of the President, all set atop a flag.

A hallway leads to the sitting room, where the shrine to President McKinley can be viewed through the doorway.

China from the Grant Administration is prominently displayed in the hallway leading to the sitting room. This "Rose Band Dinner Set" was used primarily as a breakfast service by Ulysses and Julia Dent Grant.


The brass bed is almost a duplicate of the ones the McKinley's brought back to Canton from the White House.

Ida Saxton McKinley's bedroom has the same hand-screened wallpaper by Scalamandre that is used in the sitting room, to historically replicate papers used during this era. The pictures above the bed are from the presidential campaign of 1896.